xmas gift guide - man in your life


capn's gift guide - man in your life

I do find chaps somewhat harder to buy for than female chums - they frequently have hobbies that require in-depth knowledge & specialised equipment, said equipment is generally cripplingly expensive (not that you'd ever get the right thing anyway) and you can't fall back on the old it's-shiny-they'll-love-it trick. Nevertheless, one can't go too wrong with good quality, time-honoured tradition & classics with a twist. Adjust to taste.

1. Bound to invoke envy from the chumps carting their bubbles in brown paper, this leather Champagne carrier from Peter's of Kensington should be well-utilised over Summer, or you aren't going on enough picnics. With Champagne, of course - we're not mean.

2. Go to a show (or a Japanese cooking class, or learn to sail, or book a weekend at MONA). PIAF is on soon & there's heaps to see!

3. Good luggage, because all worldly gents like to travel in style. I like Rimowa & Antler.

4. Snappy shorts (make sure you get the right size!). These are from Comeback Kid who know their hipster menswear like nobody's business.

5. A pile of Penguin Classics for lazy Summer reading that won't mind a bit of sand or cider spillage.

All delivered with a kiss, of course.


Mica said...

Great gift ideas! I always find guys so hard to buy for!

Stacy said...

Excellent ideas! Great shorts. Brad won't wear shorts. Maybe I should buy him a Speedo instead.