2012 reflections on the harbour


NYE 2006
I've never shared much of pre-blog me (as an op-shopping, punk rock idolising teenage costume student my taste levels were, as you can probably imagine, pretty indiscriminate), but since I've come full circle and find myself back-where-before-it-began here's a doozy from the archives - NYE outfit circa 2006.

It's safe to say that this year has been a turning point here at the Harbour. Quite literally every aspect of my life changed. There was an extremely serious down, and a bunch of other downs that, although they pale in comparison, collectively made the year a bloody tough one. But it hasn't been all bad - 2012 also presented a lot of opportunity, and at the risk of sounding like I've been hitting the self-help (I haven't, I promise), a lot of personal growth.

In 2012:
I moved back to Perth, after 5 brilliant years in Melbourne, & left a lot behind.

My father died. Nursing the toughest person you know at their weakest point changes you fundamentally. Having experienced survival mode, very little phases me.

I went to Japan, got addicted to vegetable curry, saw a whale shark and fell in love with the culture, people & scenery.

I can see clearly now since I got laser eye surgery - no more iconic catseye specs! (although I've somewhat replaced them with catseye sunnies)

After years of physical inactivity I started running, and ballet. I can keep pace with my brother, who is in the army and extremely fit, which makes me enormously happy.

I got a great VM job, have worked with some amazing creatives & am blogging for Japanese style network Runway Channel.

So, all in all, a pretty full year. Whatever 2013 has on the horizon, I can hack it.
Time to cast off, maties!

(Pictorial evidence will be collated on Instagram - @harbourmaster if you want to see)


Mica said...

That is a crazy yet awesome past NYE outfit!

I'm sorry 2012 has been so tough for you - you have done really well making it through, I hope 2013 has nothing but the best for you and brings you a very happy new year.

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

Hahah wow that is a doozy!!

Though I was very sad to see you leave Melbourne I'm so glad we managed meet up at least a few times in 2012, I have really loved seeing your style evolve and all your Perth adventures!


Answer My Dream said...

Happy new year! 2012 was certainly a massive year for you, I really hope 2013 has more ups than downs and you enjoy yourself! I'm so happy to be beginning this new year, 2012 was generally quite good to me, however I am thrilled to be starting afresh this year!

Dropstitch said...

You made it through a very difficult year my love and came out the other side a stronger and more confident person. xox