black out outfit 3


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Blackout outfit 3

Blackout outfit 3

Blackout outfit 3
Thanks Mum for taking these, your photographic (& patience with me getting photographed) skillz are improving!

As you are probably well aware, I'm a sucker for a bit of nautical anything. I used to rock a sailor frock but now that I'm a bit older navy&white stripes will be fine, thanks. This is a new-to-me 50s sundress from Etsy (which I hadn't shopped on for ages but fear have re-opened the floodgates to endless treasure) which is pretty much perfect - great shape, solid enough to not need a slip but light enough for Perth summer (it's going to be 37 tomorrow, hells yes) AND has pockets.

Worn, during BlackOut, for a function at the Maritime Museum on Friday night - I'll admit that I took a black jacket for the train ride home, it gets windy in Fremantle! I also wore black heels on Saturday night, but other than that am going to vote BlackOut a resounding success. I've realised that I have a wardrobe of extremes - when I wear black I tend to do it head-to-toe, and often the same goes with colour. I'm definitely not shy of coloured accessories so that wasn't a huge issue (though my big everyday tote is black, as are most of my heels). What I have noticed is that, although I love and wear colour, the colours that fill my wardrobe are actually generally quite subdued. Hint of red, quite a lot of blue, slash of yellow here & there but nothing really loud, which I find quite odd as my taste is actually pretty eccentric. Something to think about as I continue to curate my wardrobe...

Thanks Mon for setting the BlackOut challenge, fun was had!

dress - vintage
bag - furla
boots - acne
sunnies - colony x alice euphemia
jewels as per usual


Mica said...

Glad you were successful with the blackout challenge :) I really like this stripe dress with the red boots! The sunnies look great on you too :)

Shannon Malone said...

Aaaa those glasses are so great!