outfit: comic relief


comic relief outfit

comic relief outfit

comic relief outfit

comic relief outfit

comic relief outfit

Ahhh nothing like taking photos after a long day at work to remind oneself that both makeup and tshirt bras exist for a reason...not to worry, it's impossible to get too bothered while wearing skintight superhero print. Romance Was Born's Beserkergang collection is, in my humble, pretty spectacular - not only did they bring the Boom! Bap! Pow! to the runway with incredible styling and set design, the individual garments are actually seriously wearable (for people who don't take themselves too seriously, at any rate).

t - alternative apparel
skirt - romance was born
boots - acne
clutch - vintage
earrings - capnmueller


Misfits Vintage said...

Best skirt ever. Sarah xxx

Mica said...

That skirt is awesome! Steals all of the attention, in a good way :) Love the colours and print!

Stacy said...

Lookin' good!
I love the Acne boots you have.

Natalie Mulford said...

So much love for this outfit!