xmas gift guide - best boy



1. Gold cards from Pigeonhole because you never know when he might need to make a 'serious player' statement.

2. The gift that keeps on giving - a magazine subscription. Not just for ladies, for anyone with a postbox! Tatler for mine (as long as he lets me read it after so we can bitch about the same toffs). Esquire and GQ are also winners.

3. A tshirt from Pete-vs-Toby, because they do it for a reason, not a season.

4. Beverage accoutrements - KeepCup for work, spraycan martini shaker for play.

5. Lo-fi luxury, because some things deserve to be written down on paper. Smythson do it oh so well.

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Stacy said...

I gave Brad a leather journal last year not sure if he'd use it - he does. Great gift idea!