handsy holland


House of Holland tee

House of Holland tee

House of Holland tee

House of Holland tee

House of Holland tee

Ah ha haaaa, oh Henry Holland, you cheeky bugger. While my mum thinks that the print on this tshirt is totally blue Kangaroo Paws (wildly unlikely as Mr. Holland is not from Australia and therefore probably doesn't even know what Kangaroo Paws are [fyi, they're a type of native plant - deserty, lovely & slightly awkward, like much of Australia]) I'm more convinced of the design in its true format - hands poised for a game of Tune In Tokyo...

t - house of holland
skirt - willow
necklace - lanvin x h&m
clutch - gary bigeni
shoes - repetto
rings - toby jones/vintage/estelle deve


Tara said...

AMAZING! Oh I need to get my hands (or kangaroo paws?!) on one of these shirts. I love this outfit!

Little Miss Mon Bon said...

I love this tee! I can't help but chuckle because everytime I look at it I think of Ace Ventura on the overhead projecter... "ooooooo, oooooo!!"


So good haha.

And I do love the pink necklace matching the pink on the tee!