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"Dear Diary. Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy."

As organised as I (like to think I) am I've never actually managed to keep a proper hardcopy diary. They always seem to be too big or too small or have tiny spaces you can't write anything on and too much irrelevant information but no pages you can rip out if you desperately need to leave a note (and I dearly love notes), so I just fumble through, writing lists in my sketchbook or scrawling on the back of my hand (perhaps not the most profesh ever...) BUT, maties, my bleak outlook has changed.

I've just been introduced to Personal Planner, a site that allows you to customise a diary/planner to suit, to be fair, not every, but many whims, so you can say BE GONE annoying layout and HOLA dedicated spots for lists (I also like lists). You can pick from four sizes and put your own pictures/words/whatever on the covers, and because the concept is Swedish everything is delightful and has that clean-cute-quirky Ikea feeling to it (but even better because they assemble it for you). Pretty great, pretty organised, well priced and they'd make nice presents. Suitably impressed with the functionality of the website (and think founder Anders' 14-paragraph story - click the 'about' button - is adorable). I really think this concept is awesome, and hope you do too because I have a voucher to give away, so you can customise your own planner however you please! (but don't put hashtag yolo on it, that's just me being facetious).

To enter:
(do feel free to check out the HarbourMaster Facebook page while you're there!)
leave me a comment here telling me the most important event you'll be writing in your diary this year
(with a way to contact you if it's not linked).

Open until 6pm WST Friday 8th February & I'll draw the winner then!
*Now closed & winner has been contacted. Thankyou!*


Louise said...

I'd guess the most important thing would be my friend Felicity's wedding in December. It's my first time being a bridesmaid and I'm very excited helping her plan!

Phileas Fogg said...

MAYDAY! HARBOURMASTER! I need to balance my incredibly satisfying sex life (AWESOME) with my incredibly tedious academic commitments (BOOOOOO).

Anonymous said...

I would use it to help plan a remembrance celebration for the person who most influenced my life. :)