outfit: mini glomesh cyclops


kawaii hearts & plaid

kawaii hearts & plaid

kawaii hearts & plaid

kawaii hearts & plaid

kawaii hearts & plaid

sotosmith bags

I caught up with Hayley at the Glebe markets while I was over in Sydney - I wasn't overly excited by the Glebe vibe as a whole (bit shoeless) but did get talking to Christian & Bex from Sotosmith/Spunky Bruiser who, amongst other things, make these awesome customised glomesh bags. While the boom boxes/keyboards/unicorns aren't so much me (although I can see the appeal) the little monsters are adorable - couldn't pass up this cyclops chomper! They also do some pretty interesting mish-mash clothing (like these patchwork jumpers), which, although lo-fi in attitude is quite refined in style, which I think is where they hit the mark - a designer's eye applied to upcycling. Thanks for the chat guys, it's nice to see people doing their own thing so well!

Monster purses automatically have to be worn quirky kawaii style - cue print clash & plastic accessories.

earrings - capnmueller
shirt - equipment
skirt - vintage (recently shortened, because I'm in a mini phase)
shoes - melissa
clutch (plastic) - christopher kane
clutch (glomesh) - sotosmith


Elements said...

Love the shoeless comment. Summed it up perfectly ;-)
Great find. Nice to come across another Perth Blogger.

Mica said...

What a fun clutch! Really like your eye makeup too! :)

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I so love your giant squid earrings, when I get a new big contract, they are going to be my celebratory present to myself.

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

xStroutx said...

Very nice! I love the whole look but man, those bags are pretty awesome. I'd be all over the unicorns and boom boxes...