outfit: spots & props




Thanks Gem for the photos!

Props! I'm a visual merchandiser, so of course I love props. Wouldn't it be great if we could have props for life, like in a Tim Walker shoot? I suppose accessories sortof are that, but I'm thinking GRAND SCALE (practical as always, Capn...). In that train of thought, I enjoy my accessories erring on the side of ridiculous, and this year intend to wear-in-public more my more outlandish jewels/shoes/bags. Because that would help life be like a Tim Walker shoot, and that would be a heap of fun.

dress - camilla&marc
boots - acne
jewels - toby jones/vintage/estelle deve rings & single heart earring


Mica said...

Your polka dot dress is co cute :)

That is a crazy awesome prop too - matches your outfit so well! Happy coincidence?

Dropstitch said...

you should carry that star around whenever you wear that beautiful dress, it's the perfect dramatic accessory. You look like 2 million smackeroos in this outfit <3

Tara said...

LOVE THAT DRESS (and the giant star, of course!). It looks gorgeous on you!

Stacy said...

Beautiful dress. Is it silk?

harbourmaster said...

Stacy no it's poly (I'm so torn between eco credentials and easy care...). The skirt is mounted on some kind of really stiff organza to give it that shape.

harbourmaster said...

And Mica yes total coincidence haha! The star was just floating around (as it were) at work.