embellished sunnies DIY


I though my new-found love of sunglasses might've waned now that I've had laser vision for nearly a year, but nope, still a fiend for schmick sunnies. Inspired by embellished styles from the likes of Prada and DSquared² (I charted my top five over on my RUNWAY Channel blog) I've been dying to get my DIY on, so Sunglasses Shop kindly sent me out a pair so I could Dame Edna it up! They have a great range of designer glasses but these LeSpecs numbers are a perfect base for sticking bits on to - I'm sure you all know how to stick things on to other things, so just a few tips:

1: I use Araldite glue, which is a two part epoxy, because it dries SUPER quickly and sticks super strongly, but you can clean it up with nail polish remover if you accidentally smudge a bit (*ehem* or even if you smudge a lot).

2: Build it up - I stuck extra gems over the first layer in the corners to highlight the catseye effect.

3: Tweezers might be useful - I just used my clomping fingers and got glue all over them...regardless, pretty happy with the effect! Thanks Sunglasses Shop!

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xStroutx said...

Oooh! Being a bit of a magpie (and a fan of dame edna-esque glasses!), I LOVE these! Great DIY job!