trying to breathe underwater





Thanks Emma at Dropstitch for the photos!

Maties, observe. I am IN MY ELEMENT, and there is facial expression to prove it! At AQWA - the Aquarium of Western Australia - to help judge designs showcased as part of the Joondalup Festival fashion program, Urban Couture. For those who are not familiar with the space, this is a tunnel, complete with conveyer belt, that runs through a large tank that houses sea turtles, sharkies and schools of fish. I have fond memories of going around on the belt (precariously) standing on a milk crate when I was younger/shorter. It was brilliant to see models glide past with such a dynamic background, huge props to Kelly and her team for such a cool event.
Underwater runway? Best thing ever!

squid earrings that ARE INDEED LUMINOUS IN UNDERSEA LOCATIONS - capnmueller
t - t by alexander wang
leather skirt - vintage
heels - pedro lourenco x melissa
clutch - comme des garcons
sunnies - colony x alice euphemia


sassyshann said...

Your earrings are so awesome!

The Sequin Cat said...

Love the snap with the sunglasses reflected in the aquarium roof/floor. Clever!

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Mica said...

Such a fun location! :)

Love how your neon earrings glow! :)

StyleOdyssey said...

I just love this way too much!!!!

Stacy said...