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Just in case you've missed they hype (which I think is justly warranted because it is quite cool), you can live stream the shows at MBFWA via, which is a relatively new Australian-designers-online platform that is clearly finding its feet pretty quickly. Pity there's a typo in their topbar tab description...perhaps the marker of their success can be how quickly they fix that?

I suspect we're going to see a LOT of people-lining-up screentime, but that's a fair insight into how fashion weeks (in Australia, at least) seem to run - not quite on time. Good for outfit spotting though! Nicole Warne (of Gary Pepper, in that land before time when she was actually a blogger not an internationally recognised spokesmodel, who has been signed to the talent department of IMG which is pretty huge - read more on Frockwriter) is hosting interviews in the downtime - slightly awkward so far (to paraphrase, but not far off: 'So, Susie Bubble, I know this is totally overused and the worst question ever to direct at someone like you who champions originality, but what makes Australian style so unique?' to which you can see Susie biting her tongue so she doesn't spill out 'it isn't'), but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

The full schedule is here but lock in:
Christopher Esber 7:30pm EST
Romance Was Born 9pm EST

Karla Spetic 5pm EST
Kahlo 6pm EST
Ellery 9pm EST

Michael Lo Sordo 7pm EST
Easton Pearson 8pm EST

The Innovators group show 2pm EST
Emma Mulholland 7pm EST

New Generation group show 10am EST
Christina Exie 11am EST
Zambesi 2pm EST


Cindy said...

Haha I have to agree with you about the awkwardness but I guess it's good that MBFWA is making an effort to be more accessible!

Rose Gold Whimsy

7840a4fc-a044-11e2-b6af-000bcdcb5194 said...

I'm sorry to say, but i'm not a huge fan of gary pepper. I
think her brand and style is so over hyped. Sure she can take really pretty instagram photos but really?!! I am a bit in awe that she is now signed to IMG. Just my opinion that's all. :)

harbourmaster said...

Definitely a huge step forward for accessibility! Beats trying to keep up with blurry Instagram photos, that's fo sho.

I tend to agree about brand-Nicole-Warne having become more than the sum of its parts probably warrants, but that whole throng of 'vintage'-bloggers-turned-designer-clotheshorses still astounds me a bit...evidently, the masses still respond best to a thin, pretty, girl wearing whatever Sportsgirl will be knocking off next season. But I prefer her to say, Lara Bingle, who as far as I can tell has zero fashion credentials. Perhaps the interviews need to be less scripted so we can hear some actual opinions!