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Illustrations by Claire Mueller

I don't consider myself (no one really does, cos we're saaaaahhhhh unique, darling) a slavish follower of trends, but we all do it to a certain extent. Granted, it'll wax & wane depending on the particulars of your social circumstance (peer group/income/care factor), but it's impossible to be oblivious to the fact that when you decide you need a new coat all available options seem to be remarkable similar (& as luck generally has it, not a shape that suits you). I do sometimes wonder if those clever buggers at WGSN are just conducting a whopping great social experiment (getting more complex by the day as fashion seasons blur across hemispheres) - nevertheless, it's fun to analyse and reduce to a simple visual, as I've done with these illustrations for the Xpress Autumn fashion mag, out on the streets of Perth now. Having a vested interest in fashion history I like to play the game 'what look will this decade be remembered for?'...time will tell, but I suspect not one of these.

Sharp eyes might recognise my fashion girl from sketches I've put up here over the years - she's simplified in digital format but as usual, one rocks my current hairstyle (rather better than I do, actually, wouldn't mind a bit of a Prada print fringe)!

Also, please bear with us as the Harbour gets some maintenance - all will be ship shape again soon!

2 comments: said...

Love it! The monochrome chic is my favourite :D You're so creative (And unique:)

Mica said...

These are beautiful illustrations! I really like the baroque and gold one - I secretly want a pair of pants like that, haha!