outfit: cutout corsetry


willow corsetry cutouts

willow corsetry cutouts

willow corsetry cutouts

I don't know if it's a testament to my enduring good taste (*ahem*) or just that I'm predictable, but when you know & love a brand you can tell straight from the runway which pieces will end up in your wardrobe. When I first saw Willow's Dream Possession collection last year the cutout corsetry really struck me - unlike anything else I've seen (and you know how I feel about referencing) the shape had future vintage written all over it, and being realised in a number of garments & fabrics I knew I'd find something to suit. While the tulle gown is haunting my dreams I just couldn't justify it with the wealth of occasion pieces already in my wardrobe (and realistically very few occasions to warrant them) so the more sensible crepe option won out - but if I ever find the strapless version on sale you can bet I'll be finding a reason! I love that it can be layered for a more day-appropriate look without losing the detail in the bodice.

dress - willow
t - bonds
heels - givenchy
glass necklace - a present


Monique C said...

Seriously, this is too incredible! The stripes and the almost space-like cut outs are so undeniably Claire! Never ever get changed out of this, ever hahaha


bon. said...

the cut out detailing is so freaking gorgeous! love how you have styled it down with the casual tee.


Mica said...

Love the way you've layered this with the striped tee! It's such a stunning dress :)

Miss Emmi said...

"future vintage" is somethng I did not know I wanted or needed until now. Amahzing

Fickle Sense said...

This dress is amazing! Love the bodice and the length gives it a truly unique look. LOVING! Fits you really well too:)

animalorchestra said...

You absolute babe. Seriously. What a genius combination!

Emily said...

Oh WOW!! Too amazing for words. The dress. The outfit. Brilliant!!

Stacy said...

Hot tamales. I saw that photo and thought Holy crap did Claire make that piece? Totally you!

Tahnee Reynolds-Hopkins said...

This is amazing!!! I've never seen anything like it before!
I'm new to the blogging scene :)
come stop by sometime