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Punk was my first sartorial subculture, and remains dear to my heart, so I'm fanging to see photo coverage of this years Met Costume Gala, and more importantly, the exhibition itself (in this world of everything-now-right-now one can, of course, live stream the event, but I'm finding the interviews with un-punk celebrities about how punk their frocks are too awkward to bear). To be fair, my middle-class upbringing  hardly warranted running riot against anything, but I liked shouty music & safety pins, boots & boys in leather, so gravitated towards it anyway (I blame Vyvyan). I still love shouty music, safety pins, boots AND boys in leather, but the thing that has stuck with me most is (my take on) the punk attitude: not why, but why not? It's an attitude that I call on when I need a bit of a kick up the backside (or particularly want to annoy normals), and I suspect I'm going to hate 90% of the outfits from the ball because that attitude is patently lacking - but there's always good old Dame Viv to inspire a bit of mayhem.


La Gamine said...

Oh Lordy was that photo taken at The Castle on Stirling Street?

La Gamine said...

Was that last photo taken at The Castle!?! Hilarious!

MrJeffery said...

love these photos. the met gala didn't get as punk as it could have been but it's still always fun to see the fashions.

harbourmaster said...

La Gamine YES it was indeed, I believe it was a Halloween gig circa 2004...The Beverly Killbillies were on the lineup, and whatever Leith's band was called then. Fun times!

Stacy said...

The photos from the Met that were popping in up in my feed were enough for me to not even read about what was going on. 'Karlie Kloss on punk...' WTF?