outfit: leopard in camouflage


Leopard camo print clash

Leopard camo print clash

Leopard camo print clash

Leopard camo print clash

Leopard camo print clash

Perth winter this year seems exceedingly erratic. Cold? Sunny? Raining? Unseasonably warm? Unseasonably warm then freezing? All at once? Doesn't mind if it does, apparently. I don't recall it always being like this, but last year I was perhaps so overwhelmed by the fact that I didn't need to wearing stockings (#47 things-I-don't-miss-about-Melbourne) that I didn't notice? So I'm playing it equally erratically in blending-in-to-stand-out print clash (Leopard! Camo leopard! Abstract satin leaf print! 90s surf print!)...but still feel like I'm being fairly subtle, in the scheme of things.

necklace - tom binns
jumper - french connection (I know I KNOW I shouldn't have, they definitely don't fit into my brands-with-ethical-and-design-value ethos, & double clipping because I did exactly the same thing last year & bought a jumper from Country Road which went all sad after a few washes, I SHOULD KNOW BETTER.)
shirt - op shop
jeans - current/elliott
heels - dries van noten


Mica said...

Love the double leopard print!

Although sad to read about French Connection, I thought they were one of the better ones with supporting garment workers....I'd say someone should make a list of high street retailers you can confidently shop from but I feel the reason they haven't is because it wouldn't have any stores on it :(

harbourmaster said...

For me, all high street retailers are automatically on the try-to-avoid list for the sheer fact that they produce disposable fashion that is more often than not heavily 'inspired' by other designers, and their price points don't facilitate sustainable production practices. I think there's a sliding scale with every company of that size, as no one factory make all of their product. Unfortunately there's not a lot of transparency in the industry at the moment so it's very difficult to find out who is making what exactly where, and in what conditions. Just saying 'Made in China' or 'Made in Bangladesh' on the label doesn't give a clear picture of what standards - if any - are in place. It would be great to have a governing body to oversee conditions in the manufacturing industry worldwide! But that is something that many large companies would have to agree to at the same time to function properly...definitely something the garment industry needs to work towards!

Ethical Clothing Australia has a list of accredited brands that manufacture locally here http://www.ethicalclothingaustralia.org.au/consumer/accredited-brands-full

Mica said...

The lack of transparency is a good point :(

And that list is awesome, thank you. I see a couple on that list I do have some items from that I should consider shopping more from now, thank you.

My first action is to buy less (struggling a bit there!) and then to change my habits so that when I do buy I'm more confident with my purchases.

brighita said...

You look gorgeous! And I can't stop thinking about your Givenchy heels xx

Stacy said...

LOVE this outfit.