restyle for perth fashion festival 2013


RESTYLE PFF by Penny Lane

Restyle lettering

RESTYLE PFF by Penny Lane

An opshopper from way back, I've had years to discover and understand the myriad of benefits this simple lifestyle choice can have. Buying from, donating to or volunteering at a charitable op shop are ethically and environmentally sound choices in a world bursting at the seams with disposable fashions and attitudes. Think about it - buying pre-loved extends the lifecycle of clothing, reduces landfill and funds programs that help the disadvantaged & wider community. But while all of this is still true, it's not as clear cut as it once was. The pervasive availability of low cost 'fashions' means that fewer people NEED to opshop, the quality of such garments rarely warrant a second life, people feel compelled to sell their unwanted goods for a few bucks on eBay rather than donating them to a a greater cause...all factors that have contributed to people (myself included!) forgetting the true value of op shopping, which is why I'm thrilled to be partnering with Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest and Vinnies to take part in ReStyle 2013.

Come with me and bloggers (L-R in photo) Adelle from Where the Styled Things Are, Emily from Vintage Chic, Nadine from Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls, Mon from Little Miss Mon Bon, Brighita from The Kids are in Trouble & Angeline from LoveThread as we op shop it up in August for the ReStyle Photo-a-Day challenge, each pairing with a different WA charity to inspire and educate about the real difference you can make by making your local op shop a regular destination. Stay tuned, I'm super excited about this project! There'll be plenty going on on Instagram too, so follow me @harbourmaster and get involved!

Crack bts team are: Renee Glastonbury - ReStyle Project Manager for Perth Fashion Festival, Photographer - Penny Lane, Hair - Renos on St Quentin for L'Oreal Professional, MUA - Lauren Wood, Stylist - Emily Howlett. Thanks for the photoshoot fun (feels pretty odd being on the receiving side of the endless zhuzhing, models are a patient breed)!


Mica said...

Love that photo of you! Such a great cause to get behind too :) I rarely have much luck op-shopping, but it pays off when you get an amazing find every now and then :)

Looking forward to seeing more from you about restyle :)

Le Fanciulle said...


So so so very excited to see what Restyle brings this year!

p.s. hurry up with travel photos, I want to live vicariously through your holiday snaps.