witness the fitness: tips to get into it


Running gear

Running gear

Running gear

Since I have little/no interest in juice cleanses or Zumba the fitness sections in fashion magazines generally fall into the flip-past-with-haste category for me, but lo & behold, last months Vogue Australia actually heralded some tips about how to break the habit of comfortably doing nothing, which I thought were worth sharing (# out of 25, written by Rory Evans, revisited with experience from yours truly).

#1. QUIT WHINING (or whinging, as we say where I come from)
It's true, they weren't lying. The only way to feel the benefit from exercise is to do it. Often. No one else can do it for you. I run first thing in the morning - it's not always easy getting up, especially when it's dark, but the second I hit snooze I've lost it. Alarm - bam - out of bed...and then the worst is over and it's actually fun after that.

I don't watch Real Housewives (or pretty much anything that isn't on ABC & made for old people & luckily they tend not to come in box sets of 17 million episodes) but the point is - think you don't have time? You're definitely lying.

Vogue is telling us to blog about it so you'll be too embarrassed to get slack & give up - obviously I spared you my 'journey of self discovery' since I had more that enough internal drive (nothing like a burning desire to run away from everything to get you into running!) but I'M PREACHING NOW. Why? Because Fleur from Diary of a Vintage Girl made me realise running was an option, and Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style gave me the confidence to try ballet. Sharing is caring, maties.

Why do I run outside in the world instead of going to the gym? Partly because I find gym culture awkward, but mainly because it's FREE and I can do it ANYWHERE. Even if running isn't for you, there are a million things you can do at/around home (keep some handweights by your bed, get a skipping rope, use the steps). Don't tie yourself down to exercise that you HAVE to have special equipment or instruction for - that can be additional, but dedicate yourself to something you won't be able to excuse yourself out of.

#12. BRING THE BOYFRIEND (or your best mate, or your mum)
Never underestimate the motivation of others - can't let your friend down if she's waiting for you at 6am at the river, 10km flies by when you're catching up on goss anyway. And of course you're not going to get up and go for a run on a Sunday morning if your other half is keeping the bed warm - but you will if you both do! Bf & I spent mornings running around Hyde Park in London and quaint towns in the South of France on holiday recently and it was awesome. (Please note, am not a complete obsessive & do of course sleep in sometimes)

Timing yourself/tracking your distance is useful AND satisfying. I use a running watch which is easy & accurate (there are apps you can get but I prefer to run sans phone/music/distractions). And we're all bit competitive. Overtaking people is pretty awesome, especially when they're burly men.

That's it for Vogue tips - but I'll add another of my own:

Nike FreeRuns are great fashion sneakers but if you're serious about pounding the pavement get fitted for footwear at a multi-brand specialist shop. The Running Centre in West Perth is a winner for Perthies.

Now, no excuses, hop to it!


KittyMeow said...

Another one to join the ranks of moving about and getting fit!
YAY ;-)
I've started recently too - not running as much. Not because I dont enjoy it, but because of time and COLD. I get up at 6:15am as it is, and don't get home til about 7pm so its dark around both those times. But weekends are good.
The comment about not going to the gym? I heartily concur - HATE gyms - so boring! Never been a fan at all. Its all too - public. I workout at home using FitnessBlender vids on YouTube (free and they're really good - lots of variety)
I'm also doing the Michelle Bridges plan with my best friend in the hope to trim up for her wedding. Its working too! She's lost just over 5kg and I've lost about 3kg.
Feels good to see my body changing, and notice the difference from being barely able to jog 1km at the start of the program - to jogging the whole 1km in 4 weeks, and on Saturday I went for a 4km job with only about 3mins out of 30 were walking to stop at the shops.
Cant wait to get more into the outdoors stuff when the weather gets better.
And I'm sure you've got the comments too "you dont need to do all that, you're already skinny" - what those people dont realise is that its how you feel about yourself. I may be "skinny", but I wasn't fit and had zero muscle tone.
Feels so much better to not have the wrong parts jiggling if you know what I mean ;-P

harbourmaster said...

Definitely easier when the daylight lasts longer!! I have no problem waking up at 6 in summer but it's a struggle in winter when it's pitch black and freezing outside...

Agree, while weight loss is a nice side effect I mainly feel awesome that I'm properly fit, and if I ever need to run for (from?) something in the 'real world' I'll be able to do it without going bright red ;)