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A few years ago I decided I was done with crap shoes (see my design rules to live by for the full rant)- no more cheap & cheerful, pleather or throwaway flats that were doing my back in - which is all very well and good, but it does limit ones options somewhat. I know I can get well shod by luxury brands with heritage Italian artisans crafting their wares, but they tend to come with luxury heritage price tags which isn't really an everyday solution…less than impressed with the usual high street suspects I've been keeping an eye out for Australian brands that will treat my feet in the manner they wish to be accustomed, and have found Bared Footwear.

Designed by podiatrist Anna Baird, Bared has conquered something that had perplexed me for some time - comfort footwear that you actually want to wear. Seems like a simple concept, but honestly, going shoe shopping with my mum who wears orthotics made me weep for the future. Surely you can have arch support in something other than a chunky Mary Jane?? I've been skeptical for a long time, but thankfully, it turns out you can - Bared have nailed it with their ankle boots and smoking slippers. Interchangeable footbeds to accommodate different fits, steel shanks and leather linings are features that make me happy, and apparently now Anna has the inner construction details sussed she's working on new styles to add to the range. I doubt any podiatrist will ever recommend a stiletto so I'll be leaving the heels to the luxury labels, but for practical footwear it's great to finally have a well made, affordable option on the radar.

dress - camilla&marc (altered)
boots - bared 'raven' in black&tan (I think I know where this colour combo originated!), a gift from the label. Thanks Bared, these are going to be on high rotation!


Kirby Bee said...

Well I think your mission to find some well made great Australian shoes has been a success.
I've already popped over to the Bared website and I have to concur, great stuff. Especially those electric blue smoking loafers and the oxford brogues. I'm sensing a new shoe crush.


Fashion Hayley said...

Yes, comfortable and ethical shoes that don't break the bank and are fashion forward ARE hard to find. I think you've found it with these chic boots, off to check out the website x

Mica said...

Those boots are so nice! I really like your printed dress. :)

The tan boots are on sale on the website too, very tempting as they do look and sound lovely! :)

Anna Baird said...

Thanks Claire for giving your Bared boots such an amazing wrap. One of your gorgeous Dachshunds looks identical to my little Frankie. They make great props for shoe photos! I am so glad that you love your boots. Happy wearing :) Anna Baird x

harbourmaster said...

Dachshund love!! Frankie looks gorgeous in the bow tie on your website. So sorry Anna just realised I misspelt your surname - have corrected! Really impressed with the ethos behind your brand, keep up the good work. x

Stacy said...

Such great pics! Your wiener dogs (I hope that's not an offensive term now) are fabulous!