third time's a charm


australian neckline

Sometimes, you just have to put things down to collective consciousness. Get used to this shape because if three of our biggest exports are all onto it, for better or worse, you'll be seeing it A LOT next summer...

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ETA: Gaby (from Hopeless Lingerie who I admire greatly as a designer and design connoisseur) & I are discussing the cause/effect of this over on blog facebook - would love your input.


jenny bannister said...

You may say they are all similar , and yes they are all cross over halter necks, all lifted from Europe,
Saddest thing is, the Aussie customer HATES this thing around her neck!
It's too hot, too uncomfortable and irritating,
Ask me I've tried selling it in every decade!

PS loving your blog xxx

Kirby Bee said...

Interesting. When you place them together like that it's a little weird. I won't be wearing it regardless, halters and leather at the height of an Aussie summer, ah nope. Layered over a tee in winter however, sure.