restyle 1: pink


Welcome to Restyle 2013! Join Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest, seven WA charities and seven Perthie bloggers including yours truly for a photo-a-day challenge - opshop style! Check out the prompts list, pop down to your local opshop and share your (re)style on your platform of choice with the hashtag #restyle2013 so we can all see.

The other bloggers involved (links in the sidebar!) and I all have pretty different styles, but one thing unites us - we all believe in the power of opshopping. Whether it's because we're on a budget, get a kick out of hunting for unique treasures, feel good about supporting charitable organisations or lowering our environmental impact there's no denying it: there's a lot to love about making opshopping a part of your lifestyle. As well as daily outfits incorporating my pre-loved finds I'll be sharing what I think makes opshopping so worthwhile, tips on what I like to look out for (& if I do say so myself I've got a well trained eye!) and some behind-the-scenes info that I hope will shed some light on how we all benefit from the process of opshopping.

Before we get stuck in, some groundrules. I am opshopping exclusively at Vinnies opshops throughout the challenge, and will credit the items I've purchased as 'VINNIES' with their cost. Any item purchased at an opshop outside of the challenge will be credited 'opshop', vintage (generally from vintage stores, etsy, eBay or handed down to me) will be 'vintage' and contemporary items will be credited to the brand. At least one main component of my outfit will have been sourced, by my own hand, no special help or advantages, from Vinnies in the month prior to or during the challenge and I will document these items with separate photos along the way. So, there we have it. I challenge you to #RESTYLE2013!

dress - VINNIES RETRO $25
jumper - cheap monday
clutch - op shop
shoes - converse
earrings - diva

PS. While we're all partying in pink pop over and wish Monique, the bubbliest Restyle crew member, a happy birthday for today!

6 comments: said...

Amazing Claire - as always! x

Monique C said...

Aw bless, THANK YOU!!!!

I love your dress lady xxx

Miss A said...

Oh gosh that dress! I absolutely love your style!! and your hair! <3

Lisa said...

What an amazing dress! So sweet. Happy restyling! x

Mica said...

that is such a nice dress! Love how your hair/makeup and shoes add to it :) Could have been a very cutsey outfit without those special touches, now it just looks striking and awesome :)

Stacy said...

Hot tamales! Love your matte lipstick.