restyle 12: floral







Re-wearing dress from day one and (floral lace) top from day four because that is one of the most important points of this exercise for me - we don't all need a million things, we just need to learn how to be versatile. The whole 'new outfit for every occasion' mentality has to stop.

lace top - VINNIES $4
shirt - eleventh hour
dress - RETRO VINNIES $25
clutch - christopher kane
heels/hair flowers - op shop

PS. It's never too late to join in - challenge yourself to opshop the next addition to your wardrobe! You'll be helping a charity help the community and supporting a sustainable fashion culture. Read more about the Restyle project here and more of my ranting about the problems with a disposable fashion industry here.

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Mica said...

I like how you've re-worn the pieces into a very different look :)

It's try that with a few versatile pieces in your wardrobe you can create completely different outfits just by wearing things a different way, or even pairing things differently. I've been looking at my wardrobe a bit more like that lately, trying to see all the options :)