restyle 13: tying the knot







Couldn't hog all the Restyle fun - and this handsome fella takes a great self-timer-selfie!

As one gets older (apparently I'm 27 today, I don't remember all that time passing) one enters peer wedding season which, while all very lovely, can get mighty pricey (if you like my harsh fashion industry judgements just wait til you get me started on the wedding industry!). Having done my fair share of retail work throughout my fashun life I can tell you with confidence that (in Australia, at a boutique fashion level) the most common reason to buy a new outfit is to attend a wedding - and it's often not a terribly pleasant experience. People get so caught up in expectations (but I'm the groom's second cousin's girlfriend, I have to look perfect!), dress codes (/lack thereof) and looking hot (but not tooooo hot...but secretly too hot) that they feel they have to drop $800 on a dress they'll likely wear twice, when the reality is that no one's looking at them anyway.

That's not to say one shouldn't take pride in dressing up - I'm all for a sense of occasion - but with the sustainable ideal a smaller wardrobe filled with more wearable items it is perhaps wise to consider investing in everyday, and picking up your party pieces pre-loved. Anton & I have beach themed it cos that's the way we roll, but with event-specific restyling this vintage dress and blazer from Vinnies could easily see us through the season as best-dressed guests!

blazer - VINNIES $4 (if you've got sharp eyes you'll see it says $8 on the tag, but was on a half price rack, score!)
own shirt, shorts, shoes, sunnies.

dress - RETRO VINNIES $25
hair flower - op shop
(+ diy leather band around my ankle that DID have white leather fringing, but it went MIA...)

5 comments: said...

Love this concept and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! X

Dropstitch said...

that dress looks dreamy on you birthday girl!

Nadine said...

I love that you haven't followed the traditional line of thought for the wedding theme and the partner stunt is genius! And a very happy birthday to you, I hope it's been a splendid day <3

animalorchestra said...

Happy birthday, gorgeous! Hope it was an amazing day.

A few of my friends are starting to get engaged now, so I guess it's only a mater of time until I'll have to start attending weddings. A scary thought...!

Stacy said...

You were right - the shorts work ;)
I'm happy to say my wedding dress - which is really a 70s sparkly number - only cost $30! Total for the wedding just over $200.