restyle 16: opshop love


In honour of the Restyle prompt today I bring you a place with plenty of opshop love - the Vinnies sorting depot in Osborne Park. Meet some of the team behind the scenes!

opshop love 1

opshop love 2
Darren supervises operations making sure every step in the chain runs smoothly, which is no mean feat - apart from accepting, sorting and distributing donations of pre-loved goods to the retail centres and people in need the depot is the hub for restoration and construction of furniture and household items for newly settled refugees.

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Roy is putting together emergency homewares packs for people who find themselves displaced or without basic essentials.
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Michael has worked with Vinnies for nearly 25 years!

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Kathie and Jamie sort clothing that is suitable for sale or distribution - anything dirty or damaged has to be sent to be recycled (if possible) or thrown away - into seasonal categories including retro, womenswear and menswear.

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opshop love 10
David and Derek use compactors to bundle up kilos of clothing into bales.

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As you can see there's a lot more going on than you might see in the retail space of your local opshop! As all funds are channeled into the good works the charity (in this case, the St Vincent de Paul Society) carries out in the community the efficiency of the staff is paramount to the cause. Thankyou to the crew at Vinnies for showing me around - everyone I've met from full time operational staff to volunteers in the stores have been absolutely delightful and I've been honoured to learn more about their work. If you love your opshops consider volunteering at one!

shirt - VINNIES $5
jeans - levis
clutch - opshop
earrings - capnmueller
heels - givenchy


Nadine said...

I love that you gave this prompt such a meaningful angle! And I die for all those cat ornaments! Xxx Nadine

Mica T said...

Wow, it's so interesting seeing the back end of it, you don't get to see that often. Is it only clothes that you donate to the bins that go to big sorting places like this, or everything you leave at your local op-shop?
So pleased to see so many helpful donations organised and ready to go to stores for sale :)