restyle 18: less than $10







Let's face it, not hard to find something for less than $10 at an opshop! This is something that, realistically, probably didn't cost more than $10 first time around but I would never have bought new. Faux-vintage tshirts are something I scoff at in stores, but once they hit the opshop? Instantly authentic.

tshirt - VINNIES $4
skirt/earrings - vintage
clutch - opshop
boots - acne


Mica T said...

Such a nice casual outfit :) I like the yellow clutch and red boots!

The benefit of op-shop tees is that they are already nice and comfy and broken in! :)

brighita said...

My favourite yet xx

Dropstitch said...

really dig this outfit. reminds me a bit of a toned down version of what we would wear circa 2004.

xStroutx said...

This shirt rules (I totally would have bought it, new or op-shopped)

animalorchestra said...

You are unbelievably fierce. WERK.

Le Fanciulle said...

You're such a chameleon! I love how every restyle look you post is so different, despite reusing some items. Also howww does your hair sit so nice and sleek pray tell me?

Steph xx

harbourmaster said...

Steph I'd just been to the hairdresser haha! Wish I could make it look like that on my own...