restyle 23: metallic






The twinkle of something brand-new has a certain charm, but have you noticed that it often doesn't last long these days? Sometimes it wears off before you even get your purchase home…As the quantity and availability of fast fashion has increased and the quality has decreased to a level where garments feel tired after just a few washes it can be easy to forget that beautiful things exist in the world - but thankfully they do, and you're more likely to find them in an opshop than your average high street store. Lanvin knitwear at Vinnies? Now that I can take a shine to!

cardigan - RETRO VINNIES $20
skirt - VINNIES $5
t - alternative apparel
headband - made by me
shoes - celine

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Queen Michelle said...

I wish we had this Vinnie's place! You scoop some great things from there!