restyle 24: shoes (/not shoes)


Maties, I'm not going to lie. You know how fussy I am when it comes to footwear. I didn't have much luck in the opshop shoe department lately, so for Restyle prompt 24 I bring you shoes/not shoes (also basically the same outfit as yesterday, it didn't feel so obvious at the time...evidently I dress in repeat cycles). I am clearly WEARING shoes (very nice shoes, Ann Demeulemeester shoes) and I DID buy them pre-loved, but it wasn't from Vinnies, so I'm chalking up challenge amendment number two. I can live with it. If you rose to the challenge, good on you. If not, rep something else. I'm rolling with restyle 24.1: Jumper.

jumper - VINNIES $5
skirt - VINNIES $4
t - willow
heels - ann d
sunnies - colony
earrings - capnmueller

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