restyle 31: outfit to donate back



Well - there we have it, a whole month of Restyle! Thanks for keeping up with the project!

I've really enjoyed working with Vinnies, Perth Fashion Festival and Lotterywest to help spread the op shop love, and I hope, having seen how easy it is to work pre-loved clothes into your wardrobe, you'll be inspired to make your local charity store a regular destination. We all need to make considered choices about our fashion consumption, and the opshop cycle is an important step for a sustainable lifestyle - as well as funding programs that help the disadvantaged and wider community.

Giving back is part of the fun (build up those op shop karma points!) and I'll be donating these and more from my personal wardrobe to Vinnies.

If you're in Perth you can catch Restyle on the Runway at Fashion Central as part of PFF on September 13 & 15 (think my posing is hilarious? Wait til you see me try to navigate a catwalk)!

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Mica T said...

have really enjoyed reading along and seeing how you've had your own take on each of the challenges. Hope it was as fun to do as it was to read :)

This post is a good reminder for me to finally drop that overflowing bag of stuff off at the op-shop, have been so lazy with it!