restyle 5: sequins






OK - I have to admit it, 5 days in and I've already failed a challenge. No sequins caught my eye on my recent opshop adventures, but I have an equally shiny substitute fabrication in good old 80s lamé! A fabric with fine metallic threads woven through it, I approach it like I would sequins and tone down the bling factor by pairing with neutrals colours.

Shelley, the delightful manageress in the Northbridge Retro Vinnies, had compiled a 'European' rack when I last popped in and she confided that, being a lover of pastels, she wasn't too keen on most of the styles on it. I, on the other hand, love a bit of Eurotrash and picked up three pieces from it (this top & Dutch red quilted skirt from yesterday included). Bold colours and brash finishes aside, European vintage/retro is something I like to look out for in opshops because it often displays excellent quality in fabric and construction. Just as I do when shopping new I check the 'made in' tags to help determine the origin of pre-loved garments. You might be surprised how far something has travelled to end up in your local opshop!

bag/belt/earrings - opshop
skirt - willow
boots - bared


Mica said...

A great attempt at the challenge, even if it doesn't feature sequins! I really like the mix of textures in this outfit too :)

Kirby Bee said...

I was so looking forward to seeing some sequins, but the 80's lame is a wonderful substitute. Have to admit a certain fondness for lame, child of the eighties and all that.

I'm an avid checker of op shop labels, and always get a little giddy when I see a Made In Australia one.