restyle 7: customised










We've all had that 'oh that's cool but I wish it was more (insert adjective here)' feeling while shopping, and all the moreso in opshops where there aren't any colour or size options. With a wealth of practical fashion knowledge behind me I feel pretty confidant in altering things to suit me better (remember the Josh Goot dress I chopped in half?), but if you can't tell one end of a needle from another you can still get in on the customising action! I like colourchanging things - there's nothing like a fresh coat of paint.

snappy orthopedic shoes (customised) - VINNIES $6
dress - VINNIES $6
scarf - VINNIES $2
bag - opshop
earrings - vintage
sunnies - celine

Did you know that Vinnies customises chairs and couches with covers that are ripped or worn so they can have a second life? Donations of furniture that is a bit tatty is still appreciated as long as the internal construction is sound - there is an in house upholsterer at the depot who can make them as good as new to send out to people in need!


Mica said...

LOVE this outfit on you. I think my favourite of all of the ones in your restyle challenge. :)

The shoes look so different with a change of colour, and the scarf belt is perfect with the dress :)

Kylie said...

I'm now thinking to myself "Why did I decide to donate this dress to Vinnies?" Tre stupid!
Looks great on you though.

p.s. I never read fashion blogs, click a link and there's my ex-dress!

Nadine said...

What a great idea! I would never have thought of that but now I might just try it :)

harbourmaster said...

Thanks Mica, it's been fun wearing such different looks for each prompt!

Kylie that's incredible! The great opshop circle of life at work...

Nadine do iiiiiit, so easy, so effective. I'm also quite partial to spraypaint and nailpolish as colour changing mediums.