restyle 8: scarf






The fashion staple of countless cultures over countless years, a square bit of fabric is probably the most versatile thing you can have in your wardrobe. Opshops are brilliant places to pick up interesting scarves, and there are countless ways to wear them! Liberty's delightful instruction videos and the Herm├Ęs knotting cards can help you finesse your technique, but the basic premise is knot-and-go. Easy peasy.

scarves (as top & skirt) - VINNIES $5ea
jacket - willow
kicks - nike x liberty
clutch - romance was born
earrings - capnmueller


thepopularitiiplace said...

Love the outfit... but the shoes don't really go. barefoot would be better. But keep on goin'!

Love Thread said...

This is ridiculously awesome!! LOVE IT!! x and your clutch too!

animalorchestra said...

You are so talented - you have a true stylist's eye, that ability to put together seemingly disparate pieces in a way that just works.

I'm enjoying this restyle series so much. I wish Sydney would do a similar initiative!