restyle 9: bag







Belts and bags are the two things I look at in opshops even if I really don't have time to be looking in opshops. With belts I usually have my eyes peeled for classics, nice leather in a neutral colour, but bags? Ridiculous clutches all the way.

clutch - VINNIES $4
pants - RETRO VINNIES $20
belt - opshop
t - bonds
necklace - onecklace
heels/sunnies - celine

Did you know that in the Vinnies WA depot there are 60 cages that each hold about 600kg of clothing to be sorted? Once the good quality, clean pieces have been separated from the junk (opshop donation bins are not where Valleygirl tops go to die!) they are categorised and packed into stock bags of 10-15kg (30-65 items) to be sent into stores. The cycle from donation to distribution takes about three weeks.

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Stacy said...

I think I had those trousers. If they're Esprit - I did.