pff: curtin fashion & textiles retrospective


curtin fashion retrospective 1


curtin fashion retrospective 3


curtin fashion retrospective 5


curtin fashion retrospective 6

Highlights from the Curtin fashion & textiles 10 year retrospective show at PFF included a King Kong print sack back dress, hair bag with kabuki brush and textured knitwear (and one would hope so, as the fashion department at Curtin university own some pretty spectacular knit equipment). I had quite the wardrobe wishlist after this show - lots of designers I'd like to see commercially accessible!

From top (thankyou for correcting me Cordelia! Curtin fash crew - for future ref, printed list of designers in show order doesn't go astray):
Jessica Moro
Isaac Lummis
Katherine Young
Hannah Farleigh & Kathryn Bell
Jocelyn Tan
Imogen Duxbury
Katherine Young
Kezia Soedjono


Cordelia said...

Hi There,
Great Photos!
Just letting you know the first look is Jessica Moro, the 3rd is a collab between Hannah Farleigh and Katherine Bell and the last look is by Kezia Soedjono.

Cordelia Gibbs

harbourmaster said...

Oh man, how did I get that so wrong? Thankyou Cordelia! Sorry designers!

Render Sublime said...

Wow, some great pieces here... I agree, I wanna get me suuummmmm!