pff: designer capsule 1





Amidst the global fashion hoo-haa Perth Fashion Festival has hit its 15 year anniversary, and finally seems to be coming in to its own (it feels more polished this year - someone, somewhere, has pulled some good sponsorship strings). I missed what will no doubt be the show of the week last night, Perth's current wunderkind Jamie Lee and her sequinned froth of gowns that make the concept of 'red carpet' almost appealing, but enjoyed local talent in Design Capsule 1. Props to my main ladies Emma Bergmeier and Monica Morales who brought the fun to the front row with their big hair and bold outfits - PFF has never had much of a street style vibe, but if it did these two would be its darlings.

Alister Yiap heralded his 'Band of Gold', showing art jewellery that was actually quite wearable, Megan Salmon has art-teacher chic down to a fine art, this season showing Japanese influenced textiles and Empire Rose put an ENORMOUS dog on the runway (apparently the designer's) with a washed-out-Baroque vs punk-of-the-moor mashup which, sans some extraneous layers of lace, was really successful.

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