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Sharing some easy day-to-night beauty favourites in the Xpress Spring fashion supplement (grab a copy where you normally find your streetpress if you're in P-town, or linked below - I finally know how it feels to be at the mercy of the art department!). The astute will note that, indeed, I don't actually DO a lot of makeup, so time efficient, can't-botch-it, won't-go-patchy-or-leak-in-my-bag products are the name of the game.

Currently on high rotation are:
OLAY complete defense 30+ moisturiser (all day, er'ry day - from the supermarket)
EYEKO LONDON pen eyeliner, SMASHBOX camera ready CC cream & KIT double cheek/lip palette (for when effort required/desired - all from Kit Cosmetics)

1 comment:

animalorchestra said...

Flat-laying like a pro! Love that first shot - the delicate blooms in that gold shoe is like heaven.

What are your thoughts on the Eyeko eyeliner? I've been curious to try it ever since I heard it's Alexa Chung's go to (yes, I am that predictable).