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Photos by Heidy Saeran of Love Thy Muse

The final in the HATCH showcase series called for a formal look, which isn't something I feel particularly at home in (there's just something about a gown & heels that puts the fear of school balls & awards nights into me), but there's no denying this resplendent red Tindale dress is a showstopper. Worn my way with a fringed jumper by Jessica Martino, which is texturally excellent with this chain necklace. I'd be pretty happy kicking about in this with Converse too...

dress/necklace - tindale
jumper - jessica martino
clutch - wild horses

all available from
HATCH shop
in enex100, Perth.
We have some wonderful talent in WA and it's so exciting to have a retail space dedicated to showcasing it - get among it and shop your local designers!


Jenelle Witty said...

And that is a wrap indeed! You look so good in red!
xx Jenelle

The Sequin Cat said...

Love this look on you! Great red lip too xx

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