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Photos by Heidy Saeran (which I think you'll agree are pretty fantastic, the girl knows how to work a space)!

You can take the girl out of Melbourne...but she'll always have a healthy respect for black drape. Luckily there are local designers catering to more than the cutoff crowd! Shelly Tindale has a really interesting aesthetic (with something like Gary Bigeni's eye for complex and flattering drapery, dragged through the depths of the ocean) which I've been enjoying watching develop.

Serious fashion for serious business, wearing:
vest - tindale
top - empire rose
skirt - cylk
bag - sab five five
earrings - ladyfox
ring (seriously good, definitely on the wishlist, practical uses are endless) - alister yiap

all available at
in enex100, Perth

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Mica T said...

Such a lovely, darker outfit on you! Layered beautifully :) the drape is incredible, like you said :)