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There's nothing like a good poke around other people's stuff, so why not make a day of it next Saturday and explore the Garage Sale Trail in your 'hood? Started in Bondi (land of ethical hipsters) four years ago the Garage Sale Trail is an initiative that merges a responsible approach to waste management with old-school community spirit, and is now supported by councils Australia-wide.

The concept is simple and beautifully executed - if you want to declutter and host a sale register it on the website, if you're in the market for a claw footed bath, some vintage duds or a slightly used video camera enter your postcode and see what's on offer in your local area. Peg your trail out on the map then get exploring on October 26th! The old 'one man's trash...' adage is particularly true in the creative industries (have I ever mentioned that one of my favourite prop-sourcing destinations is the tip?) so it's a perfect opportunity to scout out some don't-know-you-need-it-til-you-see-it treasure, reducing landfill and meeting some neighbors along the way.

The Garage Sale Trail
Saturday October 26th
all over Australia

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