central institute grad show 2013


Ella de Thierry / Jessica Wang

Kiri Cox / Nina Grabic

Alana Corr / Rose Church
Photos by Jarrad Seng / collaged by me

November harks the start of grad show season, and (perhaps now more than ever, in a fashion climate where so much looks the same) it's exciting to see fresh ideas and unbridled enthusiasm from this years student designers.

The Central Institute of Technology kicked off the Perth run this week, hosting a polished show in the main gallery space at PICA - a perfect backdrop for textile focused garments. Huge props to the students and staff for their obviously meticulously planned preparation, details from high impact promo shoot to the white fabric origami flowers worn by ushers took the event to the next level (though Olympic-paced non-standard choreography made it difficult to appreciate the detail in each collection and nigh impossible to photograph, many thanks to Jarrad Seng for letting me raid his official photos! See his edit here).

Overall lots of interesting fabric manipulation and an impressive level of construction. My absolute ones-to-watch are Jessica Wang for what I will dub a whimsical-sports vibe in pink and grey, with a great eye for form and unexpected embellishment (that tshirt is felted dogs wool and pailette sequins. I want one.), and Rose Church for her menswear in particular - striking and very wearable avant garde exploring layered proportion, but congratulations due to all. Looking forward to the next steps in their careers!


Kirby Bee said...

Felted dogs wool and sequins; this is exactly why I love student designers. Fresh, exciting, adventurous, crazy. They don't have to worry about bottom lines, and critics and if Anna and co will nod or not. And the result is that they produce brilliance like this.

kb xx

Nadine said...

Wow I'm so sad I missed this! Student shows are also so exciting!