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A few weeks ago a selection of industry guests were lured down to Fremantle and into a shed on the wharf for one of the most atmospheric fashion shows I've had the pleasure of witnessing. The portside satellite city turned on the charm with a perfect sunset and the tallship Leeuwin II docking in the background as well-styled models showed us what some of WA's young labels have been up to, courtesy of the Fremantle Fashion Collective. Highlights for me were Tindale - designer Shelley has an eye for balance and drape that manifests into garments that are unexpected and very sexy, Luka Rey who showed complexity in cut and texture, Anna Excell for beauty in simplicity with striking but very wearable silhouettes and Monster Alphabets - designer Sarah has harnessed her Japanese heritage with an aesthetic that (to my mind, at any rate) splices elements of kawaii into dark fashion.

In a city with very little industry there can be a tendency to default to a (not particularly successful) formula for this type of event - props to Hannah McGrath, Sarah Langley and Perth Fashion Festival for raising the bar on this one.

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Le Fanciulle said...

Ahhhh it looked so good - wish we could have made it! Wonderful photos Claire :D