an optimistic realist navigating the changing fashion industry.

Claire dabbled in the punk scene growing up in Perth, flitted her way through a vintage wardrobe studying costume at WAAPA and got serious about serious fashion at RMIT in Melbourne. Back on the west coast, she had seen enough of the industry to realise much of it had veered off course. With a chip on her shoulder about disposable attitudes, rampant over consumption and the dumbing down of design values Claire wants to encourage people to make conscious, well-informed fashion choices.

Judging firmly (but fairly), Claire respects both contemporary innovation and historic standards - and doesn't see why we can't have both.

What started as a personal style blog developed into a platform for reflection, open for discussion about the complicated sea of design integrity, ethics, sustainable practices, innovators, knock-off merchants, up&comers, old masters, and why you should wear beautifully made shoes.

Claire maintained the Harbour consistently for five years and is now enjoying the next chapter in analogue. Catch her on Instagram (@capnmueller) and her portfolio website.

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